We focus on preservation and promotion of Tibetan heritage, language, culture and tradition in United Kingdom under the guidance of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Tibetan Language & Culture

Tibetan Language & Culture The study of Tibetan language is considered as an important gateway to understanding of our roots, culture and Buddhist philosophy. Since 1995, the Tibet House Trust has been running and providing Tibetan Language lessons for Tibetan children in the UK.


Music & Performing Arts

Music & Performing Arts Formed in 1995, the Tibetan Community Dance Group is the cultural wing of Tibetan Community in Britain. Our main aim is to preserve and promote the unique artistic heritage of Tibet through performing arts in the UK and beyond. We endeavour to learn from masters of music,


Advocacy & Campaign

Advocacy & Campaign The issue of Tibet as an independent state rolls down to the root of its history. Tibet was a free country for almost two thousand years. Tibet had it’s own identity and culture, it’s own language and flag, and it functioned as freely as any independent nation today.