The name of the organisation shall be the “THE TIBETAN COMMUNITY IN

a) To instigate co-operation and mutual help amongst the members;
b) To preserve and promote Tibetan culture within and beyond the Community in
accordance with the teachings of H.H. the Dalai Lama;
c) To promote understanding and friendship beyond the Community;
d) To encourage the study of every aspect of Tibetan history and culture and to
publish materials relating thereto, and
e) To hold meetings and other functions, whether public or private, calculated to
further any of the objectives of the Community.

a) Full Members: All ethnic Tibetans residing in the U.K. who subscribe to the
above mentioned objectives.
b) Supporting Members: Any person who supports the above mentioned objectives
and who is approved as such by the Council.
c) All members hall pay an annual subscription which shall be determined by the
Community at its AGM.
d) The Community’s year shall run from the 1st January to 31st December.
e) Full members hall have the right to vote at general meetings of the Community.
All members (Full and Supporting) shall have the right to speak at such
meetings. If any member’s subscription for the previous year is in arrear after
10th of March in any year he shall be liable at the discretion of the Council to
forfeit his rights of t voting and speaking at meetings until his subscription and all
arrears are paid.
f) A list of the names and addresses of all members shall be kept but a member
shall not be entitled to call for a copy of such list nor shall he be entitled to have
access to such list or make a copy of such list.

a) The President of the Community shall be the Representative of H.H. the Dalai
Lama in Europe,
b) He will preside the Annual General Meetings and if he is unable to preside, the
Chairman of the Council shall preside over the meetings.
c) He shall guide and inspect the workings of the Council.
d) In case of equality of votes he may exercise a casting vote.

a) There shall be a Council of not less than seven and not more than nine members
elected by the members of the Community by vote at its AGM. The Council may
co-opt three additional non-voting members at its discretion. All the elected
members of the Council shall retire at every second AGM and shall be eligible for
re-election. Five members shall be a quorum.
b) The function of the Council shall be to manage the affairs and to control the
funds of the Community.
c) The Council may from time to time appoint such committee and may delegate to
it any of the Council’s powers and duties.
d) The Council shall cause proper minutes to be made of the proceedings of all the
meetings of the Community, of the Council and of the committee of the Council.
e) The Council shall elect a chairman from their body and shall appoint a secretary
and a treasurer.
f) The Council shall meet at least once in every three months.

a) The Chairman shall preside over all the general meetings of the Community and
of the Council.
b) He shall supervise the workings of the secretary and the treasurer.
c) He shall require the Secretary to call Council meetings which must be held once
every three months or more often at his discretion.
d) He may exercise a casting vote and second vote in the event of an equality of
the votes in the Council.

a) The Secretary shall call meetings as directed by the Chairman, giving at least
one week’s notice thereof and prepare agendas.
b) He shall keep minutes of such meetings and make copies of minutes available to
the Council members when required.
c) He shall manage day to day affairs of the Community and shall sign the notices,
letters and documents.
d) He shall keep and take care of the office equipments, seals, papers and records
of the Community.

a) The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Community.
b) He shall submit the annual account report to the AGM.
c) He shall collect fees and make payments.
d) He together with the Chairman shall sign the cheques of the Community.
e) He shall inform the Chairman and the Secretary of the financial position of the
Community and shall ensure that the Community remains financially sound.

a) This constitution or any provision thereof may be amended, altered or varied by
a written declaration by the two-thirds majority of the Council members qualified
to vote and assented by the President.
b) The President may direct that any such amendment be submitted to a
rectification by a two-thirds majority of ‘Full Members’ of the Community.

The copies of this Draft Constitution are sent to all the present members of the
Community together with a circulation letter dated 26th July 1978.
Copies are also sent to the Private Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and to His
Office of Tibet in Europe.