A decision has been reached by the Kashag, as a special consideration, to alleviate the Green Book problems faced by Tibetans living abroad. Please find attachments below with an important notification (in Tibetan language) from CTA’s Department of Finance (Paljor Lekhung) regarding issuance of Green Book to match the name as contained in the document(s) Tibetans living abroad hold. The attachment consists of the following three sections: 1. Application Form (in Tibetan) to get the new Green Book issued, in the name as mentioned in: Passport / Residence Permit – Immigration Status Document / Travel Document (UK) Please note, the new Green to be issued will contain just – Name of applicant, Date of Birth, native place (phayul) and his/her photo. 2. Guidelines (in Tibetan) to go with the Application Form. (All the points in guidelines have to be strictly complied with) 3. Document based on which the name change on new Green Book will be issued. (three pages) The issuance of this new Green Book (with name matching your document) will commence from December 1, 2014. Please do remember that prior to sending your application form, you have to make sure that you have updated Chatrel payment to recent and also paid £30 for the new Green Book. These are strictly mentioned on the guideline without which we won’t be able to proceed your application. Additional info: for all other issues such as applying fresh for a new Green Book (GB Application), making the one-time change to details other than name change on your current Green Book (GB Correction), applying for a lost Green Book (GB Lost), the forms and guidelines will remain the same, as earlier. Refer the links below for more info. tibet.net/support-tibet/pay-green-book For any queries in this regard, kindly get in touch either with me (details below) or with Ms. Tenzin Zeydhen la, Under Secretary at  The Office of Tibet, UK by email [email protected] (or) call 020 7722 5378 Download the files:

Contact details: Ms. Namgyal Tarab,  Green Book & Membership Officer Tibetan Community in Britain c/o Tibet House 1 Culworth Street London, NW8 7AF Email: [email protected] Phone: